Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspection is a necessary process that ensures each system in a commercial building is examined to ascertain its working condition. These systems include the plumbing in the building, heating and cooling systems if any, electrical fittings and fixtures, and much more.

This service is applicable to a number of businesses such as office and retail buildings, restaurants and industrial complexes. A good commercial inspection service ensures that an accurate and detailed report is prepared for the customer.

The report may include digital photographs, as well as recommendations on how to handle the areas of the building that require major repairs and maintenance.

The sole purpose of a commercial inspection report, however, is to make it possible for a client to make an informed choice impending purchase of the building. The report also gives the owner of the commercial building necessary information on areas that need immediate attention and maintenance.

The scope of these reports is as follows:

1. Building structure and foundation
Commercial inspectors make a thorough assessment of the building structure and foundation in regard to seismic risks, and much more.
2. Roof
The condition of the roofing is also assessed and its remaining useful life projected in order to give an approximate time within which the roof should be maintained or replaced.
3. ADA accessibility
The inspectors carry out an assessment of the building to ensure that ADA standards are met. Paths throughout the property, both in the interior and exterior are evaluated, as well as ramps, stairs, parking spaces and restrooms.
4. Plumbing
Commercial inspectors also ensure that there are no leaking pipes in the building, and the ones present are documented. toilets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures in the building are also assessed.
5 Elevators and Conveyance systems
The elevators and conveyance systems are also checked to verify their working condition as well as safety.
6. Electrical wiring
An inspection of the electrical wiring system in the property is carried out to ensure that there are no visible wires which may be detrimental to the safety of the building’s inhabitants.
7. HVAC systems
The commercial inspection also includes the assessment of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure that they are in great working condition.

The commercial inspection report findings range from inadequate design of the building to poor workmanship in the installation of certain fixtures. Building code violations and improper maintenance of certain systems in the commercial building also make the list in the findings of the report.