Home Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is among the many naturally occurring minerals. It is composed of tightly packed fibers giving it a number of desirable qualities. For its strength, asbestos was used in the creation of construction material with insulation and fireproofing properties, and much more.

However, it has been found to be extremely hazardous to human health. Asbestos is a known human carcinogen responsible for a number of malignant cancers. It is for this reason that home asbestos testing is very important.

The extent of asbestos infiltration is very high in homes that were built earlier than the 70s. However, any home is at a potential risk. Home owners should, therefore, check for signs of asbestos at their houses. These include:

1. Identifying the period within which the building was constructed
2. Checking for any signs of disturbed asbestos materials

After performing these checks in the house, it is up to the homeowner to decide whether the area should be tested for asbestos or not. However, home asbestos testing should be done by well trained, and certified professionals.

The steps followed during the process are as follows:

1. Hiring a contractor to do the testing

Home asbestos testing should be carried out by an Environment Protection Agency (EPA) certified contractor.

2. Preparation of the area to be tested

To ensure the safety of everyone, some of the few precautions to be taken during the testing process include stopping the air conditioning in the home and fans that could circulate the asbestos in the air, closing off of the area to be tested, and finally ensuring that everyone has left home.

3. A clear understanding of the procedures followed in testing

In order to maximize safety during the testing, understanding the procedures to be followed is very important. These include putting on protective gear which when contaminated is placed in a sealed container to be disposed of properly, patching of the areas where the sample is taken from to prevent the fibers from spreading, as well as the use of a plastic sheet which is laid below the area where the samples are taken, and much more.

4. Waiting for the test results

The sample materials are then sent to an analysis lab where they are tested and the results sent back to the home owner.

After the test results have been received, the asbestos can be dealt with by repairing the disturbed materials and living safely with them, or the home owner could just opt to replace the materials once and for all.

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