What it means to be InterNACHI Certified

Being InterNACHI certified is a big deal in the home inspection business. Being the largest inspection trade association in the world, based in the United States, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) prides itself for receiving more than 1400 governmental approvals and accreditations throughout its lifetime.

The association has spread its footprint to sixty-five different countries that have a diversity that sums up to about nine different languages. These attributes have placed the association in the best position to ensure all the inspectors they certify are professional and comply with their inspection standards.

An InterNACHI certified inspector has gone through a series of online examinations and quizzes in order to gauge their competence at work. This sets the inspectors apart from the rest giving them an upper hand when it comes to the quality of work they deliver, and the amassed knowledge they have regarding their craft.

The inspectors have to work hard to become certified and work equally harder to stay as one. To become an InterNACHI certified professional home inspector, the candidate has to be aware of the following standard procedures:

  • The candidate has to pass InterNACHI’s online inspector examination. The candidate is also expected to retake the same examination every three years and pass.
  • The candidate has to take and complete the InterNACHI’s online code of ethics course and abide by them
  • The candidate has to take the InterNACHI’s online standards of practice course and has to adhere to the association’s standards of practice
  • The candidate must submit a signed Membership Affidavit
  • The candidate has to submit four mock inspection reports to the InterNACHI Report Review Committee

The above steps only highlight a few of the requirements a candidate has to meet in order to be certified by the association. Once certified, the inspector has the massive InterNACHI network at their disposal for prospective leads.

The association operates a mammoth of a website that generates a great number of inspection leads, in the tune of tens of millions, for its members.

So being an InterNACHI certified professional home inspector simply means:

  • Having the best of resources for prospective leads at your disposal
    InterNACHI operates pretty much all the internet’s inspection search engine. This is really huge for its certified inspectors as they enjoy the result of all the hits obtained.
  • Being certified by the best in the business
  • An InterNACHI certification is a marketing tool on its own. Inspectors who have qualified and have been certified are better placed when it comes to selecting the most preferred.
  • Being the best of the best in the home inspection industry.  InterNACHI certified inspectors go through a series of online examinations and quizzes which test their competence. The inspectors have to be well versed with inspection standards and practices which the association continually puts to the test in their examinations from time to time.
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