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  • Overhang And Gutter Inspection - The roof overhang of your home offers protection from a number of factors including the effects of rains, ice, snow, and the glaring sun. However, the roof design is expected to have more than just an aesthetic value, it should also be effective in its performance. Roof overhangs and gutters
  • Electrical Systems Inspection - Electrical systems play a key role in a home unit and should, therefore, be treated with a lot of care. These systems can become hazardous and result in deaths and destruction of property.. As a result, safety is key when handling electrical systems during installation, maintenance, and inspection as well.
  • Water Damage Inspection - Water can be as damaging as it can be helpful. Water intrusion into a home can cause a lot of damage that would cost the homeowner a fortune. However, after the intrusion, the homeowner should take the bold step and contact a professional service who would handle the water damage
  • What it means to be InterNACHI Certified - Being InterNACHI certified is a big deal in the home inspection business. Being the largest inspection trade association in the world, based in the United States, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) prides itself for receiving more than 1400 governmental approvals and accreditations throughout its lifetime. The association
  • HVAC Inspection - An efficient working HVAC system is most desirable in a home. The comfort that comes with having sufficient heat in the winter and a flow of cool air in the summer cannot be overrated. However, this is dependent on a number of factors. The first being the consistent maintenance of
  • Termite Inspections - Termites are known for their colonies that have huge numbers and which bring nothing good but massive destruction in homes. For this reason, a termite inspection is a task that should be conducted every so often by home owners and if termites are suspected, then a specialized inspection service should
  • Structural / Foundation Inspection - A building’s foundation is the most important aspect in its structure. As the bedrock of the building, the foundation carries the entire weight of the structure emphasizing the need to make it as strong and solid as possible. Foundation inspection is a visual assessment of the foundation of the building
  • Home Asbestos Testing - Asbestos is among the many naturally occurring minerals. It is composed of tightly packed fibers giving it a number of desirable qualities. For its strength, asbestos was used in the creation of construction material with insulation and fireproofing properties, and much more. However, it has been found to be extremely
  • Hurricane Irma Recovery Effort - Thomas Brenan, owner and founder of 5th Generation Home Inspection Services, is currently assisting with the Florida recovery efforts for Hurricane Irma. He is using his construction and home inspection knowledge and expertise to help expedite insurance claims and insurance payments to the victims of Hurricane Irma. Thomas experienced Hurricane
  • Roof Inspection - Roofing materials can be split into five different categories which include asphalt composition shingles, metal roofs, wood roofs, tile roofs, and slate roofs. These roofing materials are faced with several defects that range from manufacturing issues to natural weathering. A roof inspection process is a preventive measure that aims at