Video Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection is an important practice that should be encouraged. Leaking in the plumbing system is one of the greatest reasons that necessitate an inspection.

However, these defects can be a bit hard to detect at times due to the fact that they occur underground. Over time, leaks get worse increasing their damage as well as the cost that may be incurred during their repairs and maintenance.

Video plumbing inspection is one of the most ingenious ways of inspection that uses state of the art equipment to get the job done. Modern innovation employs the use of video cameras which have entirely changed the way leaks and defects in plumbing systems are inspected.

Video plumbing inspection has become very famous and it has the following features to its advantage:

1. Quick identification of leaks within the plumbing system

This inspection practice is able to reveal all the vital conditions of the plumbing system that are worth noting. A simple eyeballing procedure may leave out tiny leaks on the system which easily go unnoticed. The inspection also cuts down the amount of time taken to carry out a plumbing inspection the traditional way by a great margin. The camera scopes out the leaks which in the traditional inspection technique had to be done by the inspectors.

2. A secure plumbing system

The video plumbing inspection enables the client to know all the points in the plumbing system where leaks are originating from and in effect gives them a great opportunity to carry out the repairs. This aids in creating a more secure plumbing system whose integrity is trusted because all the plumbing fixtures within the system are brought to their best working condition.

The inspectors tasked with this process ensure that the plumbing system runs better than they found it. Video plumbing inspectors spot the leaks throughout the system and give their clients their findings with recommendations on the best way to improve the system, perform maintenance and finally carry out necessary repairs that may escalate if not addressed.

3. Prevention of problems that may occur in the future

The inability to detect problems within the home’s plumbing system increases the chances of such problems escalating and causing excessive damage in the future. This would also cost the homeowners a lot of money when it comes to conducting repairs at the time the problems are more apparent. However, through the use of video plumbing inspection, it is possible to identify the tiny problems that would otherwise go unnoticed. The quick identification of these leaks simply means that they can be fixed at an early stage protecting the client from incurring high repair costs in the future, spending extra money on the water bills, and preventing the leaks from worsening.

Video plumbing inspectors use the video made to explain to their clients the exact problems they identified, and the best solutions to employ.